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Stone Arch Bridge In Minneapolis

Stone Arch Bridge Mpls Mn
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Stone Arch Bridge What You Need To Know


The Stone Arch Bridge is a beautiful and unique structure that spans the Mississippi River. It is made entirely of stone and is the only bridge of its kind on the entire river. The Stone Arch Bridge is also the second-oldest bridge on the Mississippi River. It was originally constructed to link the railway system to a new Union Depot. The bridge cost $650,000 to build and was completed in 1883. It is 2,100 feet long and has 24 arches.

History And Background

The Stone Arch Bridge was built in 1883 by James J. Hill. It connects the 3rd Avenue Bridge with the I-35W Saint Anthony Falls Bridge. In 1880, Minneapolis had two sides. The majority of trade took place on the west bank of the Mississippi River. This was the location of St. Anthony’s Village. The majority of the new companies were on the east bank of the river. The Hennepin Avenue suspension bridge was the sole means to connect the two sides. The bridge was overused and in need of repair.

In 1881, a group of people gathered to arrange the construction of a bridge that would connect Minneapolis’ downtown to the Manitoba Railway. The next year, the first shareholders meeting was held, and Col. Charles C. Smith was appointed as the chief engineer. Since its construction, the bridge has undergone some modifications. Two of the arches were replaced with a movable truss when the Upper Lock and Dam were erected to allow barges to pass through. Floods collapsed three of the piers in 1965, causing the bridge to sag 14 inches. It was renovated by reinforcing two of the arches and strengthening the piers.

The Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis is a beautiful and historic structure. It was built in the 1800s to carry trains from and to the Minneapolis Great Northern Depot for a variety of railways. The bridge was decommissioned for train traffic in 1978, but it was repaired in the early 1990s so that people may walk and ride bicycles across it. The bridge is now part of the city’s park and trail system, and there are historical signs along the way. The bridge’s most recent modifications, which included new lighting, were finished in late 2005.


The Stone Arch Bridge is a great place to visit any time of year. There are several celebrations there throughout the year and the fireworks displays on the Fourth of July and during the Minneapolis, Aquatennial are not to be missed. From the bridge, you can see the Minneapolis skyline, the Pillsbury “A” Mill, the Mill City Museum, and many other sights. The bridge is also conveniently located close to many fantastic restaurants.

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Final Thoughts

The Stone Arch Bridge is a beautiful and popular spot in Minneapolis, and there are a few things you should know before you visit. First, the bridge is open to pedestrians and cyclists, so you can enjoy the view without having to worry about traffic. Second, be sure to bring a camera if you want to take pictures. Finally, the bridge is located in a park, so there are plenty of other things to do and see in the area if you want to make a day of it.

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