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The Mysterious Angel Falls, Venezuela’s Tallest Waterfall, and Its Role in History

Angel Falls, Venezuela’s most famous landmark, is an awe-inspiring natural waterfall situated in the Canaima National Park. With a total height of 3,212 ft (979 m), it is the tallest waterfall in the world. It has always been a popular destination for tourists and adventurers alike. It is a place where people can explore and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Angel Falls Venezuela Landscape, Waterfall
“Angel Falls” by Dimitrio Lewis is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The view from atop Angel Falls is breathtaking and it is something you will never forget. The water from the falls, when combined with mist from the jungle below, creates a uniquely beautiful scene that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 

The plunge in elevation makes it seem like the water is falling from space. It has been called ‘the most spectacular show on earth and ‘the greatest single vertical drop on earth. 

Angel Falls was discovered by Jimmie Angel when he flew over it in 1937 while searching for gold. It was later named after him when he became famous for his brave exploits as an aviator and explorer later in life. 

Angel Falls is not like most waterfalls because it flows off the edge of a table-like mountain. It is taller than Niagara Falls. It also has more water flow than Victoria Falls which can be seen at one time from both sides of the river. This enormous natural wonder is a unique and beautiful site that attracts tourists and locals alike. 

What Animals Live Around Angel Falls in Venezuela? 

Many animals live around this area that is threatened by environmental degradation. Some of these animals include bats, jaguars, monkeys, and capuchin monkeys among others. 

Angel Falls is surrounded by several animals that have adapted themselves to the extreme environment. These animals include sloths, capybaras, ocelots, toucans, tapirs, howler monkeys, and even jaguars – although these last two species are not often seen near or around the falls. However, there have been some sightings of jaguars near the waterfall in recent years

There are many different species of animals that live in the area of Angel Falls in Venezuela. Out of all the animal species, the most popular is the Orinoco crocodile. This is because it can grow to be up to 10 feet long and it lives near the falls. 

Other animals living in this area include mammals such as tapirs, monkeys, bats, and mustelids such as the capybara and river otters. There are also birds such as toucans and parrots and reptiles such as boas and anacondas that live near Angel Falls in Venezuela. 

There are Many Different Varieties of Plant Life at Angel Falls, Angel Falls Venezuela. 

There are many types of plant life at Angel Falls in Venezuela – all with unique features that make them stand out from the rest! The most well-known variety in this area is the Victoria Regia. This type of plant has a lot of heart-shaped leaves, which will create beautiful patterns when they grow together! 

Travel to Venezuela’s Angel Falls and Be Pleasantly Surprised by The Country’s Culture, History, and Tourism! 

Angel Falls, Venezuela

“Angel Falls, Venezuela” by Clay Gilliland is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Venezuela is not your typical tourist destination. It’s a country in the northern part of South America that has much to offer. 

This article is all about what you can experience in Venezuela. From its breathtaking landscapes to its rich culture, there are so many things for you to explore when traveling here. 

Tourists come to see Angel Falls’ natural beauty and enjoy its peaceful surroundings while hiking through Angel Falls National Park or taking tours that include visits to other nearby attractions like Kaieteur Falls, beaches, and the El Avila National Park. There are also many historical landmarks such as the Caracas Cathedral and the Ruins of Coro. Plus, there are opportunities for tourism not only from Venezuela but from other countries. 

Visiting Angel Falls

In Canaima National Park, you’ll find a lot of awe-inspiring natural scenery with a stunning variety of tropical wildlife. It’s the gateway to breathtaking Angel Falls. 

The UNESCO World Heritage Site can only be accessed by air and it has no overland routes.

Avior and Rutaca airlines provide flights to and from the airstrip at Canaima camp. You can fly over the deep jungle, mountains, and many rivers with these airlines. 

Visitors to the park usually fly from Ciudad Bolivar or Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Visiting by chartering a private plane is also possible, but it can be very expensive. 

Once you reach the park, you can take a boat or fly to Angle Falls. Visitors can also take a canoe trip up the Parana River between May and January. 

The travel time varies, but on average it takes River rafting is exciting and beautiful. You get to see different types of wildlife and can even get up close with some of them if you want. 

The clear waters of the lagoon look refreshing and it’s possible to swim in some of the pools formed by the crashing water. From there, visitors walk through a lush Venezuelan jungle before coming across various viewing points. If the flow is gentle, you may even want to swim in these pools where you can relax.

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