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The Bakken Museum Minneapolis, Mn | What You Need To Know

The Bakken Museum Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Bakken Museum Minneapolis
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The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis was established in 1975 with a single aim: to cultivate a true passion for science, young and old alike by delivering exhibitions that are academically advanced, and of the highest quality. It is known for its remarkable collection of artifacts that are presented in a dynamic and engaging manner at the Bakken Museum. Aside from their incredible collections, the Bakken Museum also possesses a historic mansion and a large medicinal garden that can be explored in addition to their magnificent collections. The museum offers a variety of educational programs. Their program has been hailed as a leader and groundbreaker by many in the field.

The Bakken Museum Minneapolis Minnesota



Inspiration And Innovation Are Cornerstones Of Our Human Experience

A spark is something that makes anyone a creator. The Spark Exhibition investigates these moments to reveal a broad and distinctly human tradition that feeds our ideas and solves our problems.



Curiosity drove the inventor Benjamin Franklin to investigate a variety of cutting-edge concepts and technologies. This year’s Electric Parlor Tricks event is where you may join the fun and display your own electric parlor tricks.


How much do you know about utilizing plants as medicine?

The history of plant-based medicine is examined in an exhibition at The Bakken Museum. Explore the many preparations and applications used by different civilizations while considering the developments in plant medicine as our scientific knowledge has grown. Each of the museum’s three different gardens has a large number of highlighted plants.


Get Spooked In Our Immersive Object Theater, Featuring Frankenstein’s Monster.

A 10-minute show tells about a mad scientist disturbed by his invention. This exhibit may be scary for kids under 9. Frankenstein is the first science fiction novel. The narrative asks if we experiment too much without considering repercussions.


A brand-new show honoring the life and contributions of Mary Shelley, the author of the Mary Shelley series, is called MARY AND HER MONSTER EXHIBIT. Bakken Museum in Minneapolis has further information about Mary and her creations.

The first science fiction novel was Frankenstein. 18-year-old Mary Shelley wrote the tale. This exhibit explores how art, society, and science affected the mother of sci-fi.


Build, Balance, And Break Down

KEVA Art and Architecture Studio have 2,000 14-inch thick, 34-inch wide, and 4 12-inch long boards. Using just gravity, use physics to create balanced structures, arches, bridges, and art. KEVA planks inspire innovation, architecture, and engineering in children and adults.


  • Contact Information
  • The Bakken Museum
  • 3537 Zenith Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55416
  • +16129263878


  • Monday 10 Am–5 Pm
  • Tuesday 10 Am–5 Pm
  • Wednesday 10 Am–5 Pm
  • Thursday 10 Am–5 Pm
  • Friday 10 Am–5 Pm
  • Saturday 10 Am–5 Pm
  • Sunday 10 Am–5 Pm

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  • Adults: $11
  • Seniors (62+): $9
  • Students (with ID): $8
  • Children (4-17): $6
  • Children (3 and under): Free
  • Members: Free
  • Limited Income Admission: $1


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